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Incredibly Expandable & Flexible Water Garden X-Hoses! Choose from 25Ft, 50Ft or 75Ft. Shipping and Taxes Included
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• A revolutionary garden hose which extends and retracts in the blink of an eye

• Expandable up to 25, 50, or 75 feet (three times its original length!).

• Retracts as soon as you turn the water off

• Doesn't kink or twist. Robust, lightweight and easy to store.

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For all your outdoor cleaning and gardening needs, here is a deal that is so simple yet brilliant, it's no wonder it comes from Deal Quarry. The X-Hose, the World's First and only Expanding Hose is here to rock your world at prices starting at $19 including Shipping and Taxes.

Choose from 3 Sizes:
• $19 for a 25 Foot X-Hose - Reg. $60
• $29 for a 50 Foot X-Hose - Reg. $85
• $39 for a 75 Foot X-Hose - Reg. $115

Forget about lugging around that heavy garden hose or storing it when you're done. The X Hose is the last hose you will ever need or want. Turn on the water and it expands to lengths of 25, 50, even 75 feet. Turn off the water and the hose contracts as it empties, leaving a lightweight pile in your hands that never twists, never tangles and, best of all, never EVER kinks.

The expandable and flexible water garden X-hose is made from a sturdy yet lightweight material that is difficult to puncture or tear and will never crack or split in colder weather. Revolutionize your gardening and lawn care experience with this totally visionary tool at today's low deal price.

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