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No More Roaming! Get a U.S. Sim Card and Cell Number for Only $15!
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• Eliminates roaming fees when you cross the border

• No cost to activate your sim card

• Prepaid, flexible plans; no contracts or monthly fees

• Pay for service only when you travel

• Receive your own U.S. phone number that is yours to keep

• Limit 10 per customer; may buy 10 additional as gifts • No Redemption required product will be mailed directly to customers • All sales are final • All talk, text, and data services are provided by Roam Mobility • Valid only for unlocked cell phones • Once you receive your sim card visit

to activate your sim card for free

If you find yourself dreading cell phone roaming fees each time you cross the U.S. border for shopping, groceries, gas, or fun, pick up today's deal and say good-bye to costly charges and hello to the freedom to use your phone in the states. For only $15--saving you 25% off the usual price--you'll receive a Ready SIM card from Surrey's Roam Mobility.

The Ready SIM card slides easily into your existing, unlocked phone and gives you access to your very own U.S. phone number. Simply pick up today's deal and a card will be sent to you. Once you receive the card, call Roam Mobility or Visit to view 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 14 day, or 1 month package plans. Starting at just $2! Roam Mobility will then connect you directly to a US network and eliminate your roaming fees. You will have the advantage of using your phone in the US and make calls or send messages back to Canada for no extra costs.

Stop fearing cell phone roaming charges when you cross the border and pick up some peace of mind with today's deal. For only $15, you'll receive a Ready SIM card from Roam Mobility and access to your very own U.S. phone number!

US Sim is the premier distributor of Roam Mobility SIM cards for Canadian travelers visiting the U.S. Based in Surrey, BC, Roam Mobility saves you costly roaming charges when you visit the U.S. for travel, shopping, groceries, and more.