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Boost Your Performance with a Six-Pack of Negative Ion Health Sport Watches - Shipping Included!
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• Makes great Christmas stocking stuffers

• Health benefits include increased circulation, improved concentration, and shortened recovery times

• Designed to fit any wrist

• Each pack comes with a purple, black, white, red, blue and yellow watch

• Free shipping

• No limit on amount of vouchers purchased • No redemption necessary; products will ship automatically • Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

For the ideal stocking stuffing this holiday, look no further than today’s great deal. For only $15 – saving you an impressive 90% off the retail rate – you can receive a six-pack of negative ion health sport watches from Your Essentializ.

Each watch features a large LCD display and is crafted from a lightweight, elastic silicone band that is designed to fit any wrist. In addition to being water resistant, these watches emit approximately 1,900 negative ions per cubic centimeter, helping to increase your body’s circulation, improve your concentration and focus, and shorten your recovery time from sports fatigue. Each six-pack comes in an array of colors including purple, black, white, red, blue, and yellow, and will be shipping directly to your doorstep for absolutely FREE!

Give a great gift to your friends and family this holiday by grabbing today’s deal. For only $15 – saving you $135 – you’ll not only receive a six-pack of negative ion health sport watches shipped for free from Your Essentialz, but you’ll have enough money left over to treat yourself to a great gift of your own!

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